Aalborg University (AAU) provides high-quality research within natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and engineering and health sciences and focuses on strong national and international world-class research groups representing the academic areas of the University.

The Department of Planning (Plan) works with planning, technology and society and focuses on creating a more sustainable future. The department is interdisciplinary in technical, natural and social science disciplines and presents a unique combination of social and technological understanding where digital and technical solutions merge with the needs of the society.

The department of Architecture, Design of Media Technology (Create) is unique in the Danish context as it constitutes disciplines within architecture, design, media and technology under one roof providing the foundation for a number of research groups


Enza Lissandrello is an Associate Professor at the Plan department at Aalborg University with a background in urban planning and public policy, human geography and socio-technical transition studies. Her work examines urban and regional planning under contemporary trends of reflexive modernization, participation, deliberation, conflicts and issues of representation


Enza Lissandrello
Department of Planning
Rendsburggade 14
DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
+45 93562342


Nicola Morelli is Professor at the Create department Aalborg University, Copenhagen, where he coordinates the Service Design Labs. He is working on EU and Nordforsk projects on service design, with special focus on public service, public services, data in service design and social innovation.


Nicola Morelli
Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
Aalborg University
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15,
2450 Copenhagen, Denmark