We believe that citizens, municipalities, researchers, and other actors must work together to create truly sustainable cities. Our mission is to collaboratively address environmental challenges in Aalborg. We are therefore looking for citizens from Vestbyen, Midtbyen, Vejgaard, Øgadekvarteret, as well as the central Nørresundby, who are willing to install a sensor in their home to measure the air quality in their immediate surroundings. We are also looking for citizens who often use the bicycle as a means of transport around the city and are willing to mount a sensor on their bicycle to measure the air quality while they cycle.

WHY: a sensor at your home or on your bike allows you to see real-time measurements of air quality in your outdoor environment. This data will be the cornerstone of a discussion on what solutions could emerge to improve the city environment.

HOW: you can send an application through this link, or write an e-mail to: nordicpath@plan.aau.dk

WHO: the number of sensors is unfortunately limited, so we can not guarantee that you will be awarded one.  The project team in Aalborg will choose those who receive a sensor based on the goals set by the project, but we will do our best to involve all interested parties.

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