Mapita Oy is a Finnish SME that has its roots in academia. Based on years of research on public participation in urban planning, the company was established to answer to the growing need in cities to provide better online services and gather more relevant and thorough feedback from their residents.

Mapita provides a versatile and accessible, GIS based, public participation tool – Maptionnaire. This is a map-based survey tool which facilitates simple and effective public participation. This infrastructure will be available for the engagement of citizens in urban planning in the NordicPATH project. Maptionnaire enables planners and researchers to collect, analyse and visualise map-based data, as well as citizens to co-design project areas and express their preferences and opinions. This allows both planners and citizens to develop a better understanding of the project area from different perspectives.

Anna Broberg
COO, Partner
Mapita Oy +358 50 538 8809