The University of Gothenburg is a public university highly ranked for impact in terms of global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations Sustainability Goals. The Department of Applied Information Technology (AIT) has extensive experience in examining the digitalization of society. The Department participates in NordicPATH with the Division of Learning, Communication and Information Technology (LCIT), a multidisciplinary group including researchers from pedagogy, computer science, linguistics, and informatics. LCIT takes a human-centered perspective on digital technology when examining its implications for participation and learning.

Marisa Ponti is team leader in the project. She is Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Information Technology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research focuses on the use of digital technology to enhance the involvement of citizens in scientific activities and public governance. Currently, she carries out work in two areas: in one, she leads a project on the study of a collective human/machine, where humans guide the machines into the space of solutions that are 'intelligent', or most promising, and machines help humans according to their limitations. In the other, she examines the potential role of citizen-generated data to inform public policy and serve the public good (e.g., collect data on air and water quality) in Europe.

Karin Ekman

Karin Ekman is WP5 leader. She is a doctoral student in Applied Information Technology with a specialization in Educational research. In her thesis she is exploring the engagement of volunteers in passive sensing with low-cost sensors. Her research focuses on the use of digital technology in public engagement in, and understanding of, Science, such as in Citizen Science where there is a focus on relevance and enhanced public deliberative processes.

Karin Ekman
PhD student
Department of Applied Information Technology