We strongly believe that citizens, municipalities, scientists, and other stakeholders have to work together to create truly sustainable cities. In our mission to collaboratively respond to environmental challenges for Kristiansand, we are looking for citizens in the areas of Lund, Kvadraturen, or Grim, that want to install a fixed sensor in their homes to monitor the air quality in their surroundings.

WHY: a sensor in your apartment will give you the possibility to access real-time data of the air you breathe and are surrounded by. Your data will complement scientific measures and constitute the groundstone for envisioning urban solutions together!

HOW:  you can send your submission through this link or write an email to solvor.stolevik@kristiansand.kommune.no

WHO: the number of sensors available is limited, so we can not guarantee that everyone applying for a sensor can get one. Aligned with the projects’ aim, we are prioritizing residents in the areas of Kvadraturen, Lund, and Grim, but we will also consider installing sensors in other areas in Kristiansand


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