WHAT and WHY: The NordicPATH project will soon be completed. Therefore, we would like to know what kind of data you find useful as a citizen of Kristiansand. Together with citizens we have been collecting air quality data since the beginning of the project. Air quality data should not be only used by the scientist and the municipality but also be easily accessible for citizens. For this reason, we are asking citizens in Kristiansand, especially those that participated in collecting data in the project, to take part in a survey on how to visualize air quality data.

HOW: A survey will be conducted online. The survey will be opened for about 1 month and the link will be shared with all NordicPATH participants to get their opinion on this topic, as well as on social media channels.

WHERE: The link will be available soon on this website.

WHEN: From April 2023.

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