WHAT: The NordicPATH project in Aalborg is interested in knowing more about what your local community think about the development of your neighborhood. What are the issues that concern you the most? Engage in the discussions with the Aalborg research team and help us understand the sustainability dimensions of your community. Can air quality monitoring be an added value to your understanding of your neighborhood?

WHO: We are interested in talking to community representatives (e.g. local councils in Aalborg)

WHY: Air quality is a topic of increasing focus for experts and policy makers, as it affects our health in diverse ways and affects the sustainable development of cities:

  • How can air quality monitoring sensors be stationed in your community to best inform your work with sustainable development?
  • We would like to discuss with you how the topics you are working with could be connected to air quality issues.

WHERE: A place near you

WHEN: on-going, 2020-2023

Please contact Enza Lissandrello enza@plan.aau.dk if you are interested in talking with us 

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