Due to periods of unusually low temperatures over several days, the cold air has led to high levels of air pollution in some areas, as our citizen’s air monitoring sensors have shown. Wood burning is one of the main causes of the elevated levels of airborne dust registered. The cold winter weather, in combination with a rise in the time we spend home and the increase in the price of electricity, has contributed to more wood burning and, therefore, these alarming levels of pollution.

How does airborne dust affect our bodies? What can we do about it? Are there less polluting wood-burning practices? As part of the NordicPATH activities, Kristiansand municipality and NILU host this webinar to inform, dialogue, and actively discuss wood-burning uses and habits.

WHAT: Experts from NILU, the Norwegian Public Health Institute, and the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association will talk about the impacts of wood burning on air quality, how it can affect human health, and what we can do to reduce emissions from wood burning.

WHY: Besides sharing scientific information, there will also be space for a dialogue between the municipality and the citizens about what to do to improve air quality in Kristiansand. The meeting will be a forum for active discussion where people can share their views directly with the municipality.

HOW: Follow this link to register

WHERE: Online

WHEN: Thursday 18th March, at 18:30

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